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Tell us what you think about the Faulkner Civic Precinct Masterplan

by ConnectBelmont, over 4 years ago

Consultation has concluded

  • noggin over 4 years ago
    It is extremely disappointing to see the existing lake between the RSL memorial and the Oasis Leisure Centre is to be removed in the proposed Faulkner Civic Precinct Redevelopment Plan. This area provides a sanctuary for water birds and a quiet and peaceful area for residents to enjoy. To replace it with a grassed 'hole in the ground' defies comprehension.
  • Echidna over 4 years ago
    Wonderful masterplan bringing several outdated and isolated facilities together in a new accessible building. I like the social spaces it creates with different user groups. I hope the strong presence on Wright Street can be maintained. This might deter some of the anti-social behaviour around the bus stops. Very happy to be a City of Belmont ratepayer.
  • Paully over 4 years ago
    My Mother lives in the retirement village in Faulkner Park, and we are both concerned about the lake being filled in. There are turtles in the lake and birds nest on the little island,also a friendly domestic duck lives there too.We will miss the beauty of the lake, as I am sure the creatures that live there will too. Is there a plan to rehome the turtles? And what is going to happen to the birds and ducks. Hopefully the work will not be done in spring when they are nesting or the baby ducklings have just hatched and will be vulnerable. Sad to see the lake go.
  • sw over 4 years ago
    I totally agree that we have enormous growth potential. We are currently a long way away from our potential. I used to say I live in Belmont; and people often comment that it's a low socio-economic area filled with crime. So I believe if we manage new projects like this properly, we'll get there eventually. We are indeed short of quality cafes & restaurants - most residents I know travel to Vic Park when we dine out. Why can't we have a nice café/restaurant strip like our neighbour? We're already 1 up as we have free parking on wide streets.Our shopping centre is also in dire need of a revamp - when all other centres like Garden City, Innalloo, Karrinyup, Coburn etc etc already have major development plans, we can't afford to sit back, as most residents already prefer to travel to these better shops to shop, although we'd prefer to shop in our local shops if we have better facilities and enjoy a better shopping experience.With the new Faulkner Park, please please improve on Belmont Oasis. It's old & grotty. I’ve stopped going there and I’ve joined up at the new and improved Cannington Leisureplex. I hate the extra kilometres I’ve to travel, but I much rather enjoy the experience of working out in a much more pleasant environment with better facilities.Thank you!
  • Graham Bird over 4 years ago
    The Faulkner precinct upgrade is probably long overdue, but that does have its advantages. By studying what other councils have done, and establishing what works, and what does not etc. I believe by providing excellent amenities for the youth, will have long lasting positive effect on the area. I would like to see a full upgrade of the skate park-Youth Plaza. This would involve either replacing the skate park with a new one-please see what Kwinana is providing or a professional upgrade of the existing with introducing new skate features. A local contractor has just finish the new Forrestfield skate park, and did an excellent job with the limited budget, and space. The area should have good shaded pavilions, BBQ’s, excellent lights for safe night use and other youth actives. Closer car access to help families attend.
  • edl over 4 years ago
    Its a great idea that should have been done long ago. Location of Belmont is close to airport and yet not far away to developing area such as Burswood, The Spring in Rivervale and City of Perth etc, its has enormous growth potential to be a place that is great to live and work, but currently there is still a bit under developed. With the development of Fulkner Civic Precinct, the project will definitely provide higher quality of services and lifestyle for both resident and visitors to the area. I think having more cafe and restaurant development within the area will make it even more vibrant and exciting. Council can consider opening up opportunity for adjoining development to be more mixed use instead of just residential.rgds,Eddie Liew