Community Survey Feedback

by ConnectBelmont, about 5 years ago

Thank you to everyone who completed our community survey - the response was extremely positive.

The key outcomes are summarised below:

  • Providing spaces for passive recreation including BBQs, picnics tables, green spaces.
  • Providing a space for events, farmers markets, concerts, food markets etc.
  • Providing facilities for active recreation such as outdoor exercise equipment and areas for pets.
  • Consideration for public toilets and cafĂ© near the volcano playground
  • Consideration of an upgraded community facility, including the library, museum, senior citizens and function space.
  • Consideration of an upgraded leisure centre.
  • Consideration for restaurants/cafes in the precinct.
  • Consideration of a space for a community garden.
  • Ensuring that the trees and greenery throughout the precinct are maintained.
  • Ensuring there is good connectivity between the Belmont forum and the Faulkner Civic Precinct and other surrounding areas.
  • Ensuring there is sufficient car parking to accommodate visitors, whilst ensuring there are high quality pedestrian pathways to encourage pedestrian movement to and through the precinct.
  • Ensuring that safety is considered, particularly around the bus stop.

Please continue to visit Belmont Connect for updated information.

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Consultation has concluded