11 February 2016

Closing date Community Centre EOI Not-For-Profit Community Service Organisations

09 March 2016

Closing date tender for architectural and engineering services Community Centre Faulkner Civic Precinct

31 October 2015

Draft Masterplan Consultation Closes

22 August 2015

Community information session

Belmont Forum Shopping Centre from 11am-1pm.

Come along to the information session to share your thoughts on the proposed Faulkner Civic Precinct Master Plan.
August → September 2015

Draft Masterplan Concepts on display in Ruth Faulkner Public Library

02 August 2015

Avon Descent Family Fun Day consultation

The City's consultants, GHD, will be in attendance at the City of Belmont's Avon Descent Family Fun Day on Sunday 2 August at Garvey Park from 12 noon to 2pm to meet with the community. The concept plans will be on display.
June 2015

Draft Master Plan

The draft master plan will be provided to the City of Belmont in June for review. Feedback from the City and key stakeholders will be incorporated into the plan. The master plan will be finalised in late June. Ongoing implementation activities will follow on from the final masterplan. Information will continue to be provided on Belmont Connect and the City's website.
May 2015

Consultation Phase

Community consultation is being held throughout May. The purpose of this consultation is to understand what elements the community thinks contribute to a good town centre; how they currently use the Falkner Civic Precinct and what they would like to see there in the future.

The outcomes will assist with the draft master plan concepts.
March 2015

Research Phase

Background research undertaken.
February 2015

GHD Engaged

GHD were engaged by the City of Belmont to prepare the master plan and implementation plan.