What is the status of City facilities, events, citizenship ceremonies, and other regularly provided services?

    Essential services such as the provision of weekly waste services, maintenance of roads, parks and drainage, continue to be maintained as best they can in the circumstances.

    The City’s Civic Centre has been closed to the public, however we encourage you to either phone on 9477 7222, email or use online options for any queries you may have at this time.

    City facilities and service such as Ruth Faulkner Library, Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre, venues for hire, playgrounds, citizenship ceremonies, and events have been closed or cancelled until further notice. All closures or cancellations have been made in accordance with Federal and/or State Government directives. 

    For further information about the status of individual facilities and services, please visit our website. 

    What is the City doing to support the community?

    City’s priority continues to be providing a range of services and support to the community, many of which could be viewed as essential. We are focused on ensuring we support the community through this extended period of uncertainty.

     The City has continued to deliver the following community outreach activities and services which includes:

    • Continuation of in-home Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) services and continuation of other CHSP services in a modified format.
    • The City’s Belmont Safeguarding Families Service to victims of family and domestic violence continues, offering some of the City’s most vulnerable people access to help during a challenging time. Phone and face-to-face counselling is available as part of this service. Contact 13 7824.
    • Ensuring the City’s young people also have access to case management support from 10am-6pm Monday to Friday via telephone, video-call, skype and email. Where essential, face-to-face connection while observing social distancing recommendations is available. To connect with qualified youth workers, call 9479 5794 or text 0447 348 186.

     In response to COVID-19, the City has begun a range of new community outreach services and activities including:

    • Linking community members with volunteer organisations requests for helping vulnerable people
    • Calling and emailing to over 700 seniors to ‘check in’
    • Contacting all the City of Belmont existing groups and networks with updates, advice and offers of assistance in the current crisis
    • Regular contact and sharing of information with community groups and networks to ensure awareness of current status of organisations providing services for example, financial counselling, emergency response etc.
    • Begun the process to help connect community virtually not physically
    • New youth services including online content provision, online support and telephone check-ins with clients is available from 10am-6pm Monday to Friday and 1pm – 4pm on Saturdays.   

    What is the City doing to support local businesses?

    The City of Belmont has put together a range of support information focused on the needs of small business owners to help them manage business disruption associated with coronavirus (COVID-19). This information is available here and the Belmont Business Talk Facebook Group that encourages businesses to join for updated business information within Belmont.

    City of Belmont businesses can promote their goods and services to the City’s community via the Belmont Business Talk Facebook Group.

    The City as partnered with Business Foundations to offer one-on-one advisory sessions regarding business challenges during COVID-19. This can be delivered online or over the phone if required and will provide an hour of tailored advice.

    The City also offers the Belmont Business Innovation Grant (BBIG) program which is designed to encourage the development of new and innovative practices and products in small businesses in the City of Belmont. Grants up to a maximum of $10,000 are available to businesses that are based in the City of Belmont with 20 or fewer full time employees. BBIG funding could support a stand-alone project or part of a larger one. Home based businesses meeting eligibility criteria are welcome to apply.

    Business can also access information about various assistance packages and services available to them on the BeConnectedBusiness page or the COVID-19 Business Hub on the City’s website. 

    How can I get involved?

    The City has received a considerable number of enquiries from community members volunteering to assist during the COVID-19 pandemic. To register your interest in volunteering for a local community organisation, complete our form.