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DA6 Vision - Land Use

over 4 years ago
The ‘Land Use’ plan identifies the types and locations of different land uses within the DA6 area.

Refer to the Notes and Legend on the right-hand side of the plans for specific information.

To see a full screen view, please click on the image. Please review each plan and make comments in the section below.

Consultation has concluded

  • rbabc over 4 years ago
    I have not noticed this proposal until receiving a letter last week. My recollection (that may well be faulty) is that to the west of Great Eastern Highway and Fauntleroy Ave (so roads like Tibradden Cir\ Wedderbrn Pl) is\was to be zoned medium high density. Why would you not include the land on the eastern side Great Eastern Highway up to Fauntleroy as high density housing rather than industrial as it will be boxed in by residential and simply receive complaints.On the plan itself why is land directly to the north of the train station proposed as medium density rather than high density when land further away from the station is proposed high density?