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DA6 Vision

over 4 years ago

The overarching ‘Vision Plan’ identifies the key points for the whole Development Area 6 (DA6) precinct.

Refer to the Notes and Legend on the right-hand side of the plans for specific information.

Please review and make comments in the section below. To see a full screen view of the plan, please click on the image.

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Consultation has concluded

  • CentralAve over 4 years ago
    After a careful review I would recommend only a few changes to enhance an already well developed plan. After reviewing the other comments on this forum it appears unanimous that Central Avenue will be Considered the "Main Street" of DA6. There is no doubt in my mind that motorist utilising Great Eastern Highway and Dunreath Drive will come to this conclusion as well therefore I suggest taking advantage of this by incorporating Central Avenue as the centerpiece of DA6. If you were to have the median nature strip extending the whole length of Central Avenue, increase the building height to 13 story continuously from GE highway to the station, tree line the street and allow ground level retail you would have developed and extremely attractive entrance into DA6 and the station. This would not only service the residents of DA6 but also future proof for increased density and zone changes to Ascot and towards the river. A similar arrangement was built in Ellenbrook on their Main Street which has taken off so to speak and includes a diverse mix of retail outlets provided goods and services for the local residents as well as slow vehicle movement by utilising pavers for the road instead of Tar Seal. If these suggestions are implemented I believe it would also spur development throughout out the area instead of just around the stationThanks
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  • Steven Fernandez over 4 years ago
    I am pleased that this is progressing and as a resident of Redcliffe living on Stanton Road I am excited for the opportunities this will bring. I am also happy with the increased density as this will bring vibrancy and economic benefits to the area.I have some major concerns with the plan as it stands.Primarily these relate to the location of the train station and the access to it. This will be a heavily utilised piece of transport infrastructure and the only direct road to it is Second Avenue. The Stanton Road/ Second Avenue access is already heavily used and Stanton Road is not designed to carry any more traffic then is already the case. Leaving just this one point of direct access to the train station and commercial area will increase traffic flow through the Stanton Road/ Second Avenue access leg.Central Avenue is a much more direct link to the train station from Great Eastern Highway (GEH), however the connection with GHE is a more narrow, meandering left in, left out road. Central Avenue only becomes dual lane after First Avenue. Again this will not support the anticipated traffic generated by the train station and commercial centre. This will lead to a 'rat run' through the southern part of Redcliffe increasing traffic flow through the Stanton Road/ Second Avenue access as this is the only bridge crossing connecting the north and south parts of Redcliffe over Tonkin Highway.Finally Coolagrdie Avenue is the only location with a formal light controlled intersection. Unfortunately Coolgardie Avenue does not interface well with First Avenue (the intersection is offset). Coolgardie Avenue also terminates at the Perth Airport access road and only allows access to the train station from Burlong Avenue. Coolgardie Avenue also connects GEH more directly to the train station but does not abutt any transit related parking. This parking location is again facing Second Avenue and is not easily accessible unless you drive around the train station again causing and internal ‘rat run’ to Second Avenue. This will put daily ‘park and ride’ traffic in direct conflict with local road access to the local primary school.My recommendation is to increase the carriageway width of Central avenue and upgrade the intersection to be lights or round-about controlled where it meets GEH. This intersection could become a landmark area entering into the Central Avenue 'high street' that will have direct access to both the transit related parking and the train station. This will have the added benefit of having a distributor road at one end and a destination or ‘attractor’ (namely the train station) at the other. This creates a road that will become commercially attractive as it will generate my through traffic. to the train station and transit carpark and as more direct link to the airport.
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