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DA6 Vision - Built Form

over 4 years ago

The ‘Built Form’ plan identifies building heights and how different land uses will interact with one another and with public open spaces.

Refer to the Notes and Legend on the right-hand side of the plans for specific information.

To see a full screen view of the plan, please click on the image. Please review and make comments in the section below.

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  • Resident about 4 years ago
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  • Resident about 4 years ago
    I believe the proposed amalgamation of 4-5 lots as a precondition for development to be a restrictive measure. The vision plan states that development of smaller lots would detract from the intended vision. I believe single lot development to 6-8 story would allow the area to grow faster inline with the vision. There are a multitude of narrow lot high density buildings that will add an attractive and diverse mix to the area. some examples are linked below: a property owner on Central Avenue I believe the box type developments shown in the plan will be an eyesore and that narrower chic varied apartments will be more appropriate
  • Resident over 4 years ago
    Firstly well done on the progression of the DA6 vision. It is an exciting time for the future of Redcliffe and its residents.I am in agreement that Central Avenue will be considered the 'main street' in DA6 and as such I am curious why the building height reduces to 6 story between First and GEH? Would it not be more aesthetically appealing and beneficial to increase the building height to 8 story or more along this section?
  • Zack H over 4 years ago
    While most of the "Built Form" plan is appropriate for DA6, I would suggest the following changes to further enhance and activate the area.Central Avenue considered the "main street" should maintain that feel the entire length from the station to Great Eastern Highway. This will provide a continuous active and attractive pedestrian/cycle boulevard between the train station and the highway by maintaining a high intensity of development along this road. Buildings fronting Central Ave between Great Eastern Highway and First Street should be to a height of 8 storeys instead of the proposed 6 storeys. This would then rise up to the 13 storeys permitted on Great Eastern Highway, and in the other direction towards the station. Key landmark sites surrounding the train station need to permit buildings higher than 13 storeys to facilitate sense of place, identity, maximise residential and commercial within close proximity of the station and allow for activation of the precinct throughout the day and night. Also an ideal location for serviced apartments or a hotel to serve the foothills of the Darling Ranges and also Perth Airport which will just be one station away on the train.Development on the corner of Bulong Avenue and Second Street should also be more intensive by permitting a building up to 13 storeys, lowering in height gradually to integrate with the 6 storeys along Coolgardie Avenue.As a trade off, buildings fronting the corner of Boulder Avenue and First Street should only be 6 storeys to better transition to lower intensity built form on Boulder Avenue and Kanowna Avenue and better consolidate higher density development along Central Avenue, Great Eastern Highway and around the train station.