What is the alignment of the proposed Forrestfield-Airport train line?

    The train line, which extends from Bayswater Station to Forrestfield, is proposed to be constructed underground within the existing Brearley Avenue reserve before travelling underneath Perth Airport to Forrestfield.

    More information on the project may be found at the Public Transport Authority website.

    Where will the ‘Airport West’ station be located?

    The proposed location for the 'Airport West' station is within the Brearley Avenue reserve just north-west of the Dunreath Drive/Brearley Avenue intersection as shown in the figure below.

    What will the station be named?

    At present the Project Steering Group is using the working title of 'Airport West' to describe the station.

    The actual name of the station is yet to be confirmed by the Western Australian State Government.

    When will construction on the ‘Airport West’ station commence?

    The Public Transport Authority has confirmed that work will commence on the ‘Airport West’ station in early 2017.

    When will the train station open?

    The Public Transport Authority anticipates that the 'Airport West' station will open in 2020.

    Will buses connect with the train station?

    Yes, it is proposed that bus services throughout the area will connect with the train station.

    What roads will buses use?

    At this stage Transperth has not confirmed which routes will be used by the bus network to connect with the station precinct, however the project team will ensure that any roads that are used are designed to safely cater for bus movements.

    When will Brearley Avenue be closed?

    Brearley Avenue is to be closed by Main Roads WA in late 2016 after the new Dunreath Drive/Tonkin Highway interchange becomes operational.

    Why will Brearley Avenue be closed?

    Main Roads has long held the view that Brearley Avenue will close as:

    a)  The upgrade of Tonkin Highway, the construction of the Dunreath Drive/Tonkin Highway interchange and a future major upgrade to the Fauntleroy Ave / Great Eastern Highway intersection, the direct link of Brearley Avenue through the Redcliffe community is no longer required as an access point to the airport; and

    b)  The intersection of Great Eastern Highway and Brearley Avenue is a known safety hazard for motorists, significantly reduces the efficiency of traffic movements along Great Eastern Highway and contributes to vehicle queuing at the Tonkin Highway off-ramp, each of which is considered an unacceptable risk by Main Roads WA.

    Why does the City consider the closure of Brearley Avenue is beneficial to the local community?

    The removal of the road offers several benefits to the local and wider community as follows:

    • The road currently forms a physical barrier that separates the Redcliffe community, and its closure will improve the movement of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians throughout the local area.
    • Improved traffic flow helping improve congestion on Great Eastern Highway at the Brearley Ave intersection through the reduction in traffic signal phases, resulting in a reduction of the overall traffic signal cycle time and substantially improving the level of service.
    • The closure of the road provides the opportunity to redevelop the existing road reserve into linear parkland, public open space and high quality developments, which will be of greater benefit to the local community.

    Where will airport traffic go once Brearley Avenue is closed?

    People travelling to the current domestic airport terminal will use the new interchange off Tonkin Highway to access Dunreath Drive, which leads directly to the current domestic airport car park. An alternative to this will be the use of Fauntleroy Avenue (to be upgraded in 2016) to the north east of the domestic terminal, which allows direct access form Great Eastern Highway.

    Will additional roads be opened throughout the area?

    Additional roads will be opened throughout the project area. The staging of road openings will depend upon the traffic demands and safety during the project time frame, and the opening of some roads will be contingent upon the relocation of Qantas from the current domestic terminal to the 'Airport Central' terminal after 2020.

    How will traffic be managed once Brearley Avenue is closed?

    Local traffic will continue to use Coolgardie Avenue, Stanton Road or the new intersection of Dunreath Drive and Central Avenue to access their homes and businesses, and roads will be progressively upgraded to accommodate increased traffic flows that will result from development within the area. Vehicles travelling to the current domestic airport will use the new Tonkin Highway/Dunreath Drive interchange or Fauntleroy Avenue to access Dunreath Drive, which will lead them directly to the domestic airport.

    How will traffic be managed during construction of the train station?

    All traffic associated with the construction of the train station, including heavy and light vehicles, will access the site via Dunreath Drive, and will not use local roads to access the construction site.

    When will development of individual properties commence?

    Development by landowners cannot commence until such time as the statutory and strategic planning has been prepared, endorsed and implemented by the City of Belmont and the Western Australian Planning Commission.