Who owns Forster Park?

    Forster Park is owned by the City of Belmont and the Water Corporation.

    Why is the community being consulted if a draft master plan has already been developed?

    The draft plan is just a vision of how Forster Park could look and is the first step in the process. The design hasn't been finalised and we are seeking input from the community to inform the future planning of the park.

    Who is being consulted on this plan?

    The City of Belmont will be consulting a variety of stakeholders and residents on this draft plan.

    We are also using Belmont Connect, the City’s online consultation platform, as well as Ruth Faulkner Library display. Comments and feedback are invited from anyone who has an interest in the City of Belmont.

    Why does the draft master plan propose to remove some of the grassy areas?

    The design seeks to reduce the amount of turf areas that require irrigation in order to reduce water use. There are also some areas where the turf is not growing as a result of too much shade from trees.

    Will the fences stay?

    It is proposed that the fence along Abernethy Road will stay and be upgraded to stop balls from going into busy traffic. If the Water Corporation do not want to include their drain area into the park then the fences along Scott Street will remain. It is proposed to open up the park on Keane and Fisher Street by removing the fence.

    Will there be play equipment for the children?

    Yes, it is proposed to upgrade the existing playground into a contemporary play space that will accommodate a variety of age groups.

    What is a pump track and why is it located where it is shown on the plan?

    The pump track is a continuous loop of dirt and/or bitumen mounds and ‘rollers’ that you can ride without pedalling. The name pump track comes from the pumping motion used by the riders upper and lower body as they ride around the track. A pump track can be ridden by cyclist of all ages and skill levels.

    The location on a residential road allows parking on the verge and is close to other play facilities and toilets.

    Will the pump track be noisy and attract undesirables?

    As only bicycles and push scooters use pumps tracks it will not generate excessive noise. A low (about 1 metre high) fence will surround the track with gated access. The track will be visible from the road and the park. Due to the popularity of pump tracks with younger children and their parents, undesirables generally do not congregate at these sites.

    My house looks on to the park – how will the proposed construction works affect me?

    It is proposed that the park will be developed in stages. It is anticipated that there will be no or minimal disruption to residents during the construction phase.

    What if I don’t like something in the plan?

    This is your opportunity to have your say and to let the City know what you want to see at Forster Park. If you don’t like an element of the plan, please use the City’s discussion forum to advise what you don’t like and how you think the plan could be improved.

    When will work start on the upgrading of Forster Park?

    Once feedback has been received from the community on the draft plan then the final plan will be produced that considers all the feedback received. Work will then be scheduled and undertaken in stages starting in 2018.

    Who should I speak to if I have any questions or wish to raise an issue or suggestion?

    The City encourages you to provide feedback through the survey. However if you wish to speak in person to a representative from the Parks and Environment team, please contact the City’s Parks Projects Coordinator, Gerard Healy on 9477 7188.