What Is A Strategic Community Plan?

    Strategic Community Plans set out Council’s plan to guide the future of Belmont, prepared in collaboration with our community. It is a plan for action on how we will deliver our shared vision for the future. 

    The plan will set the long-term direction and focus for Council’s planning, budget and resource allocation process.  It will describe how we will focus our efforts and ensure strong alignment between Council priorities and strategies, as well as the services, programs and projects we deliver.

    Why Do We Need A Strategic Community Plan?

    The Strategic Community Plan is used by the City of Belmont to assist in developing a series of other plans and strategies, including the City’s Corporate Business Plan, operational plans and long-term financial planning. 

    It is a statutory requirement of the State Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework that the City of Belmont have a Strategic Community Plan, but we are also obliged by our role in the community to properly plan for the future of our City.

    Why Review The Previous Strategic Community Plan?

    A Strategic Community Plan is a document required to be developed by all Local Governments in Western Australia. The Local Government Act requires a part review of the Strategic Community Plan every two years and a full review of the Strategic Community Plan every four years.  The City of Belmont’s existing Strategic Community Plan is due for its four year review. 

    A lot has changed during this time in terms of strategic direction and a change in the City’s eco­nomic, social and environmental landscape, as well as community and customer needs and expectations. This review will ensure the City is responsive to current circumstances, new information and changing trends.

    Why Should I Get Involved?

    Our community members and stakeholders have a wealth of knowledge and are important contributors to the unique experience and energy of Belmont. It is important that there are opportunities for all of our diverse, and evolving Belmont community to be involved in shaping the future.

    By getting involved, you’ll help improve the quality of the Strategic Community Plan and provide greater understanding and transparency around how Council will respond to the opportunities and challenges of the future.   Council wants to work with you to continue to deliver efficient services and infrastructure into the future and ensure sustainable solutions for your rates.

    How Will Our Ideas Be Incorporated Into The Strategic Community Plan?

    The feedback we receive will be used in conjunction with feedback we receive from other consultation events such as workshops and submissions.  All comments, ideas and feedback will be collated and considered by the project team and members of the community and used to inform the Strategic Community Plan.