What Are Bike Boulevards?

» Bike Boulevards provide bicycle users with a safe connection to local destinations and bike routes. They are a low speed environment where cars generally give way to bike riders.
» Bike Boulevards are clearly marked (on-road markings and signs) with intersections that are designed to reduce the need for bike riders to stop frequently. There are also special provisions for
crossing major roads more safely.
» Bike Boulevard users are not fast cyclists, they are mums, dads, children, senior citizens and others making short trips on bikes to schools, parks, shops or community facilities.
» Bike Boulevards are new to Perth, yet they are used around the world in cities such as Portland, Seattle and Amsterdam.

Why Do We Need Bike Boulevards?

» They can help people to choose bikes over cars for short and local trips.
» They create communities that encourage bike riding as a more convenient, easy and sociable way to move around.
» They create safer local streets for all users.
» Parking for bikes at schools, parks, shops and community
facilities become a priority.
» They beat congestion and save time.

How Do Bike Boulevards Work?

» New infrastructure treatments will reduce vehicle speeds to 30kmh.
» Bike riders typically have space to share the lane with vehicles and ride two abreast.
» Cars follow bikes until safe to pass.
» When cars meet, one pulls in behind the bike until the other car passes. Cars must
give way to bikes.