Volunteering is good for you!

Volunteering can provide crucial support to people in the community who are impacted by an emergency.

Every year, 3.6 million Australians volunteer for a not-for-profit or community organisation. That’s millions of hours of service to the community!

Besides being a practical way for wonderful, caring people to help out, volunteering can also add a positive dimension to your life or career.

Whether you just want to help out, or are looking for a new job or challenge, here’s a list of ways volunteering can help.

1. Demonstrate your ability to respond to challenges

Volunteering can be difficult work; in fact, a volunteer job may be just as challenging as a paid job for the same organisation. If you looking for a job, it’s a great way to show a potential employer how you frame a challenge and then how you respond to it.

2. Learn about different people and cultures

Non for profit organisations welcome volunteers who have an ability to liaise with the full diversity of the Australian community. Volunteering in a role that exposes you to a different community can give you valuable insights.

3. Make connections with people who share your interest

Volunteering can give you access to people who are like minded and share your interests.

4. Develop your confidence

Organisations tend to reward their volunteers by providing plenty of positive reinforcement and regular social outings. This can help develop a sense of belonging and build self-worth – and maybe some good friends too! Volunteering gives you a purpose.

5. Have interesting experiences to talk about

Stories and anecdotes from volunteer roles are great icebreakers. Having interesting experiences to talk about may just be what helps you establish a social rapport.

6. Chance for life/career exploration

Do you want to open yourself up to different roles and experiences? Volunteering allows a deep exploration of what it’s like to work in different workplaces.

7. Work with people on the front line

Some of the best and freshest insights come from contact with people delivering or receiving services on the front line. Volunteer roles in local groups and at large events provide exposure to grassroots points of view.

8. Enhance your CV

Volunteering can quickly grow your bank of work experience and keep your CV looking fresh.

9. Recruiters like volunteer experience

Having volunteer work on your CV can help you stand out. Employers can see the initiative shown by job-seekers who make the most of their spare time by lending their professional skills to charities and not-for-profits.

It shows you have the energy and motivation to utilise your skills for a cause and/or learn new skills.

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