Economic Development Strategy

The City of Belmont is developing an Economic Development Strategy (EDS).

An EDS is a document that articulates how the City will focus its economic development activities with the goal of improving economic wellbeing and quality of life for local businesses and the wider local community.

In the development of the EDS, the City will consider how it can best support new, existing, and emerging businesses, create local jobs, and increase economic output.

The process of developing the EDS ensures that these decisions are informed by researching the unique contexts of the City of Belmont local government area, contemporary economic development trends and practices, the City’s broad strategic priorities, its capacity, and most importantly, the input of businesses and other stakeholders through consultation.

Using an evidence-based approach, the completed EDS will be used to inform planning, investment, and resource allocation with the aim of continuing the City’s attractiveness as a place to live, work and do business.

Follow the Project

The consultation period for the draft Economic Development Strategy has ended. Follow the project to keep up-to-date with how it's progressing.