The City of Belmont invites you to provide feedback on our Arts and Culture initiatives.

The new Arts and Culture Strategy will focus on the future delivery of services which include library services, museum and local history, community events, place making, place activation, and the arts. This includes all artforms and mediums including visual arts, sculpture, public art, crafts, performance art and more.

The City of Belmont aspires to be innovative, creative, and progressive. We recognise that arts and culture has the power to connect us through social interaction, contributing to the health, wellbeing, and general life satisfaction of our community.

To assist in the development of the new strategy, the City invites you to share your thoughts and experiences. We appreciate your generosity of time and by providing your valuable thoughts, you are contributing to the growth of arts and culture in the community.

Our Arts and Culture

The City of Belmont delivers arts and culture initiatives, services, and resources through curated collections, events, and programs to create and sustain a culturally rich and vibrant community. We recognise that arts and culture has the power to connect us through social interaction, contributing to the health, wellbeing, and general life satisfaction of our community.

Read about the different categories of initiatives below:

  • Placemaking

    The City of Belmont strives to build a sense belonging by creating great places and spaces for the community to share and enjoy. Initiatives include pop-up activations in local parks, community markets and more.

    Placemaking also includes community led initiatives, sometimes with the help of the City of Belmont. This includes the recent establishment of the City's first town team, neighbourhood gatherings supported by Your Neighbour Grants, and the installation of Little Libraries.

  • Belmont Museum

    The state-of-the-art Belmont Museum is the place to discover the stories of the many people who have lived, worked and played in the City of Belmont. The Museum offers a variety of events and activities that explore the City's rich history, along with interactive exhibits for all ages, research resources, tours, and school excursions. The Oral History Project and Local History Photographic Competition are key initiatives that capture and preserve the lived history of our community.

  • Ruth Faulkner Library

    Ruth Faulkner Library provides a range of collections and resources curated to meet the needs of our community. Library items for loan are available in a variety of formats to suit your individual preference. We also offer a range of programs, events, and workshops catering to all ages and interests.

  • Arts

    Arts in the City includes the annual City of Belmont Art Awards, the Artist's Place Gallery and Shop, creative clinics, performance art, public art and art education programs and artist talks. This can include classes on practical skills such as pottery or painting and building skills to enable emerging artists to prepare their works for public exhibition and sale.

    Public art can help to create inspiring spaces, celebrate cultural diversity and acknowledge the history and heritage of an area.

  • Community Events

    The City of Belmont offers an annual calendar of large-scale events (many free) to bring our community together. This includes the Let's Celebrate Belmont Fair and Local Concert, KidzFest and The Imaginarium, as well as Belmont Blockbusters and Carols in the Park.

    The City of Belmont is always on the lookout for opportunities to attract touring shows and performing artists to broaden the range of art and culture experiences available to our community.