The City of Belmont is seeking community feedback on its Community Infrastructure Plan, which will outline the long-term direction for the City’s community infrastructure provisions and supports the aims of the City’s Local Planning Scheme No.15 by maximising the efficacy of existing and future community infrastructure needs, and also aligns with the aspirations of the City’s Strategic Community Plan 2020-2040.

The Plan focuses on community infrastructure for which the City has the primary responsibility and ability to deliver. This includes a wide range of spaces, places, and physical assets.

Supporting this Plan is the Community Infrastructure Plan Part 2, which contains more detail about the background research, definitions, analysis, and recommendations.

Prior to formal adoption of the Community Infrastructure Plan by Council, the City would welcome community feedback. The Plan can be viewed online by downloading the documents.

Those wishing to comment or provide feedback on the Plan can lodge a written submission during the public consultation period, between 20 October and 17 November 2022.

Written submissions can be emailed to or sent to City of Belmont, Locked Bag 379, Cloverdale WA 6985.

For further information please contact the City on 9477 7222. Hard copies are available at the Civic Centre, 215 Wright Street, Cloverdale WA 6105.