The City is seeking your input to determine the community need and level of a support for creation of a fenced dog park in the City of Belmont.

Whether you own a dog, visit our parks or live near one, we’d like to hear from you!

Complete the Fenced Dog Park Scoping survey.


There are currently 25 designated dog exercise areas within the City, where owners can exercise their dogs off leash. These locations are shared spaces, and dogs are required to be under effective control even when off leash.

In comparison, a fenced dog park is a fully enclosed space designed for and dedicated specifically to dogs. It allows dog owners to exercise and socialise their dogs, without the risk of them wandering off.

While within a fenced dog park, dogs are still required to be supervised and under effective control of their owner (including voice control), and must be on a leash prior to entering the park.

Dog parks usually involve separate areas for small and large dogs. The minimum cost of construction is generally $200,000, due to the minimum size requirement and following design features:

  • Core: double 'airlock' entry gates, fencing, bins and a variety of surfaces.
  • Essential: access to dog drinking facility, shade, seating, waste disposal and signage.
  • Desirable/optional: sand area, agility, natural elements, paths, plants, lighting.

In addition, maintenance costs are generally higher than a standard park, due to the high level of use.

Survey closes 5pm Tuesday 22 June 2021.


When visiting parks in the City, what activities do you undertake? (select all that apply) Required
Do you support the creation of a designated fenced dog park within the City of Belmont? Required
Do you own a dog? Required

Identifying a location

The map on the right (please click to expand) indicates existing dog exercise areas as well as potential fenced dog park areas identified by the City (Selby Park, Parkview Chase and Wilson Park sump - note that the sump does not meet the minimum size requirement).

Please note that only areas under the City's control can be considered. Locations such as school ovals and grounds and Kuljak (Black Swan) Island are therefore not eligible.

Please indicate your level of support for further investigation of the below potential fenced dog park locations. Required
Strongly oppose/do not support
Somewhat oppose
Somewhat support
Strongly support
Selby Park
Parkview Chase
Wilson Park Sump (note: does not meet minimum size requirement)

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.