A three bin kerbside collection system is coming to City of Belmont

The City of Belmont is transitioning from the two bin system to a three bin kerbside collection system. This will include the roll out of a Food Organics, Garden Organics (FOGO) bin to standard households from early 2024.

The three bin kerbside collection system will include:

  • A 240L Lime Green Lid FOGO Bin for food and organic waste such as fruit, vegetables, meat and garden trimmings. FOGO will be collected weekly.
  • A 240L Yellow Lid Recycling Bin for recyclables like plastic bottles, paper, steel cans and glass. Recycling will be collected fortnightly.
  • A 140L Red Lid General Waste Bin for general rubbish that cannot be composted or recycled, such as nappies and plastic bags. General Waste will be collected fortnightly on alternating weeks with Recycling.

We look forward to sharing our FOGO journey with you.

Project updates will be available on Belmont Connect, and additional resources, education materials and Frequently Asked Questions on our website.



The transition is in line with the State Government's Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy and Action Plan, which includes the implementation of a three bin FOGO kerbside collection system by all local governments (Perth and Peel regions) by 2025.

It is also supported by City of Belmont Waste Plan endorsed by Council in November 2020.

The City receives funding from the State Government's Better Bins Plus: Go FOGO program to support the implementation and delivery cost of the FOGO system. As part of this funding, the City has committed o delivering the waste system in line with the Better practice FOGO kerbside collection guidelines.

  • FOGO will enable an additional 41% of our City's household waste to be made into useable materials (recovered).

  • Over 50% of the material currently disposed of in General Waste kerbside bins is organic.

  • Introducing FOGO will help increase the City's landfill diversion rate from 19% to 97%.

Project Timeline

Follow our FOGO journey

  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Start of Community Education Campaign

    To help residents prepare for the transition to the three bin system, we'll be rolling out resources, information and support to set our City up for success.

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Waste Services contract out for tender

    The City is inviting tenders for the implementation and delivery of Waste Services with the three bin system, including FOGO processing.

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    Waste Services contract awarded by Council

    At the 22 August 2023 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council approved a tender for the new waste services contract with Veolia.

    This contract includes the transition and ongoing management of a Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) kerbside collection service., commencing in early 2024.

  • Timeline item 4 - complete

    New bins and kitchen caddys delivered

    The City is working with waste contractor, Veolia, to coordinate over 30,000 new kerbside bins, kitchen caddys and compostable liners for households across the City. Production and delivery can take up to 16 weeks, with each item purpose built for your home.

  • Timeline item 5 - active

    Phase One: FOGO rollout for single-unit dwellings

    The initial FOGO rollout will include over 16,000 standard households (single-unit dwellings) and take place between February and April 2024.

    The rollout will be staged over nine weeks and include 500 households each day. Resident's bin collection day and location will determine when their property will transition.

    Visit our website to find out when your FOGO bin is scheduled to arrive, and your FOGO service will commence.
  • Timeline item 6 - incomplete

    Phase Two: FOGO rollout for multi-unit dwellings

    Multi Unit Dwellings (MUDs) will begin transitioning to the three bin FOGO system one property at a time from mid 2024. The City's waste team will engage with each property individually to find a waste solution suitable for residents.

    This phase will include properties with kerbside collections and properties with bulk waste and recycling bins.

  • Timeline item 7 - incomplete

    Phase Three: FOGO rollout for high-density properties

    High density properties, including apartments, will begin transitioning to the three bin FOGO system in 2025/2026. The City's waste team will engage with each property individually to find a waste solution suitable for residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Resources

Strategies and Reports

Recycle Right

Download the free Recycle Right app

The Recycle Right app is a simple and convenient way of finding out which bin to put it in.

The detailed A–Z list of specific items tells you how to dispose of them properly. The ‘Find My Nearest’ function allows you to locate your closest recycling centre or drop-off point and get directions.

Plus the helpful bin day reminder tool allows you to set reminders so that you never forget which bin goes out on what day for your area – no need to check which bins the neighbours have put out!

Visit the Recycle Right A-Z Materials Guide for the Three bin FOGO system


WasteSorted is a state-wide program developed by the WA Government Waste Authority. It includes a collection of branded toolkits, resources and information to help West Australians make landfill the last resort.

Visit the WasteSorted website