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The City has developed a draft Landscape Master Plan for Forster Park. The plan shows how the landscape and facilities within the park could be upgraded to create a much more vibrant and community orientated park.

The City recognises that Forster Park is an important asset and seeks to invest in improving the quality of the park to create a more attractive, vibrant and functional space. The draft master plan will facilitate the proposed upgrades in a structured, staged and coordinated manner.

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What are some of the key features of the draft master plan for Forster Park?

Some key features include enhanced landscaping, an upgraded playground for youth, a pump track, a path network approximately 1 kilometre in length, seating, outdoor exercise stations, small nature based playground and increased tree planting.

What are some of the key design principles that have informed the draft master plan?

The aim of the draft master plan is to retain the important features and character while including new features that will enhance the attractiveness and useability of the park for all community members.

Key principles that have been included in the design include:

  • integration with the local neighbourhood
  • enhanced community safety
  • better connections that facilitates an ease of movement and legibility
  • the provision of high quality, comfortable and inclusive amenities that promotes increased usage
  • improved accessibility and attractions to people of all ages
  • the use of low water use native plants.

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