January 2021: Forster Park Pump Track Delayed

Unfortunately completion of the City of Belmont’s new Pump Track, as part of the Forster Park Master Plan, has been delayed.

In the course of conducting its due diligence on the progress of the project, the City has raised some concerns with its contractor and these matters are yet to be resolved.

The City is working hard towards resolving the issues as the City is keen to open the entire site, including the playground, and an update will be provided as soon as one is available.

September 2020: Construction to Commence

Works are scheduled to begin on the pump track and playspace in early October. Take a look at the finalised designs here. For more information contact the Parks, Leisure and Environment Department on 9477 7257.

Please click on the image below to enlarge view.

February 2020: Public Consultation Conducted

The City undertook public consultation and sought feedback on how pump track users and the general community intended to use these facilities. The survey had general questions followed by questions related to the pumptrack and playspace.

The survey closed on Sunday, 23 February 2020.

Proposed Design

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Overall Design

Proposed Pump Track Design - Aerial View

Proposed Pump Track Design - Side Views

Community Survey

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.