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The Urban Corridor Strategy identifies the key aspects that enable the Vision for the Corridor to be achieved and transform the Corridor into one of Perth’s great urban boulevards, creating a linear urban experience of beautiful and captivating spaces and places.

The Strategy seeks to improve the landscape amenity and provide improved connections to re-establish its relationship with the Swan River. The pedestrian and cyclist environment will be enhanced through the provision of safe, accessible and convenient paths, supplemented by a diverse range of landscaped areas throughout the Corridor.

The Strategy introduces two main land use focus areas, being Activity Nodes, Activity Corridors with an additional Mixed Employment area to the east, to provide guidance on the appropriate land use mixes along to establish a rhythm of development along the Corridor.

The large volume of traffic the Corridor currently carries will not be impacted however, but will become better integrated with improved key connections and crossings. Direct vehicular access to Great Eastern Highway will be reduced over time as sites along the Corridor are redeveloped to ultimately create a place with improved landscaped amenity resulting in a pedestrian and cyclist friendly environment.

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