A review is currently being undertaken of the City of Belmont Local Planning Strategy (inclusive of associated Sub-Strategies) and Local Planning Scheme.

How have the community been engaged?

In 2020, feedback was been sought from the Belmont Business Community on the future planning direction of the City. Information collected from local business in the survey is an essential part of our review of the existing Local Planning Strategy and Local Planning Scheme.

What is the Local Planning Scheme Review?

Local Planning Scheme No. 15 controls development and land use within the City of Belmont and is required to be reviewed every five years. To inform the review, work is being undertaken to examine the demands of the existing and future community, including consideration of housing needs, economic and business activity, environmental sustainability and public open spaces. This work will be formulated into an overarching Local Planning Strategy that will set out the future planning direction for the City, and ultimately inform the preparation of a new Local Planning Scheme.

If you have any queries or if you require information in alternative formats please contact us on 9477 7222 or by emailing schemereview@belmont.wa.gov.au.

Local Business and Activity Centres

As part of the City's review of its planning framework, we are seeking comment from our business community, including businesses located inside one of our Activity Centres or businesses located in other commercial/ industrial precincts. Activity Centres are community focal points which include commercial, cultural and social activities. They often vary in size and diversity, with the City of Belmont having a number of neighbourhood and local centres, as well as one secondary centre. The City’s Activity Centres and existing commercial/ industrial centres include:

  • Belmont Town Centre
  • Belmont Business Park
  • Belvidere Street
  • Belgravia Street
  • Belmay
  • Epsom Avenue
  • Eastgate Shopping Centre
  • Kewdale Industrial
  • Kooyong Village
  • Love Street
  • Redcliffe Industrial
  • Wright Street

We would appreciate all business owners and/or commercial land owners to participate in the survey below which is designed to give us a better understanding of the way our local business community operates, what is important to businesses in our Activity Centres and existing commercial/ industrial areas and how we can support businesses in future.

The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.