We invite you to share your thoughts on the proposed differential rates and minimum payments for the 2023-24 financial year.

The overall objective of the proposed rates in the 2023-24 Budget is to provide the net funding requirements of the City's various services, facilities, projects and strategies. The City is proposing to adopt the 2023-24 budget at the 27 June 2023 Ordinary Council Meeting.

The proposed cents in the dollar and minimum payments are as follows:

Rate CategoryRate in the Dollar (cents)Minimum Payments

Share your thoughts

Feedback on the proposed differential rates can be submitted until 4pm 2 June 2023 in a number of ways

  • Online via the form below
  • By mail, addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, City of Belmont Locked Bag 379, Cloverdale WA 6985
  • By email, to rates@belmont.wa.gov.au (subject line: Differential Rating Submission)