The City of Belmont understand the local community value outdoor exercise equipment as it provides a free and fun alternative for the community to be more physically active.

As a result of community feedback, we are pleased to advise that the City is currently in the planning phase for new outdoor exercise equipment at Redcliffe Park, with the aim to install the equipment by June 2023.

The proposed site for the new outdoor fitness equipment is on the southeast corner of the reserve, between the trees.

This site was selected as the preferred location due to:

  • Shade in the morning and afternoon.
  • Visible for park users and their safety.
  • Close to the car park.
  • No conflict with sporting clubs, the playground area or community centre users.
  • Future proofing for any car park expansion (should it be required).

To assist in the design process, the City is seeking your feedback on how we can best facilitate the community’s physical activity goals. To have your say, please complete the online survey below by 5pm Friday 6 January 2023.