Why create a short-term rental policy?

Short-term rental accommodation (STRA) is the collective name we give to holiday homes, units or apartments offered for short-term letting, often through management agents or online booking platforms.

The City of Belmont is a popular location for STRA because of our proximity to Perth Airport, Perth CBD, Optus Stadium, and the Swan River.

We've drafted a policy that sets out the guidelines for operating STRA, and protects the amenity and supply of long-term housing. We prepared the draft policy consistent with with the Western Australian Government's position statement on STRA.

We are now seeking your feedback on the draft policy. Please read the policy and provide your feedback through the form on this page.

Policy objectives

The draft policy sets out several objectives to ensure STRA are used, managed, and located appropriately, and to support the supply and amenity of long-term residential accommodation.

  • Provide guidance and standards

    For establishing and operating a short-term rental.

  • Ensure appropriate operating locations

    Such as near other accommodation, tourist areas and public transport.

  • Protect character and amenity

    Ensuring STRA will not adversely impact on the character and amenity of residential areas or nearby residents.

  • Protect the purpose of residential dwellings

    To ensure there is a supply of long-term homes.

Policy snapshot

The draft policy has several mechanisms through which it will achieve its objects. We've provided a snapshot below. Full details can be found in the draft policy.

  • STRA development applications

    Must include a management plan, code of conduct, complaints register, and strata approval.

  • Assessment criteria

    Introduces guidelines that development applications will be assessed against, including carparking standards and amentiy protections.

  • Development approval

    Outlines the approval period and ongoing conditions to which an approved STRA development application must adhear.