City of Belmont Ward and Representation Review

On 3 July 2022, the Minister for Local Government announced the final package of proposed local government reforms, following a review of public submissions.

As part of the reforms to strengthen local democracy and increase community engagement new requirements will be introduced to provide for:

  • Voting

    Introduction of optional preferential voting

  • Mayor

    Directly elected Mayors and Presidents for band 1 and 2 local governments

  • Councillors

    Councillor numbers based on population

  • Wards

    The removal of wards for band 3 and 4 local governments

On 20 September 2022, the Minister for Local Government requested the City of Belmont, as a band 1 local government, change to a directly elected Mayor and consequently reduce the size of the elected council.

Two pathways for making these election transition arrangements were offered:

1. Voluntary pathway

  • Council to resolve by Absolute Majority to change the method of filling the office of Mayor to a direct vote by the electors of the district; and
  • Initiate proposals to change arrangements related to the size of structure of the Council through a Ward and Representation Review.

2. Reform election pathway

Amendment Act – changes through reform elections in 2023.

  • All Council Offices declared vacant
  • All Wards abolished.

The City of Belmont Council resolved at its 25 October 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting to implement the Voluntary Pathway and undertake a Ward and Representation Review to be completed by 14 February 2023.

The public are encouraged to participate in the review and invited to make submissions to the City, as to the most appropriate and effective ward structure and the number of Councillors for the City. Click here to view the existing ward boundaries.

A discussion paper has been prepared by the City to provide information on the ward and representation review process, including examples of options for discussion purposes and transition options to reduce the number of councillors.

The options for discussion include:

  • Ward and Representation Structure

    • Three wards, six councillors
    • Two wards, eight councillors
    • Two wards, six councillors
    • No wards, eight councillors
    • Any other suggested option that is considered to fit within the required factors.
  • Reduction in the Number of Councillors

    • Reduce to eight councillors – staggered transition 2023 – 2025 elections
    • Reduce to six councillors – all positions declared vacant 2023 election
    • Reduce to six councillors – staggered transition 2023 – 2025 elections
    • Any other suggested option.

The City invites public submissions and comments outlining options for change. All options put forward will be considered as part of the review process.

The review will include consideration of the following factors:

  • Community of Interest
  • Physical and Topographical Features
  • Demographic Trends
  • Economic Factors
  • Ratio of Council Members to electors
  • The local government reform requirement – between five and nine Elected Members (including the directly elected Mayor) .