Environment and Sustainability Strategy

We are seeking feedback from the community on our Draft Environment and Sustainability Strategy 2023 - 2033.

The Environment and Sustainability Strategy (ESS) has been developed to guide the City's approach to environmental management and set clear objectives for continuous performance improvements.

The ESS is an important component of our Environment Management System (AS/NSZ ISO 14001) and long-standing Environment and Sustainability Policy.

The strategy focusses on six key environment and sustainability themes:

In line with the City's Strategic Community Plan 2020-2040, we have committed to caring for and for and encouraging the community to enjoy our natural environment.

To help implement Goal 3: Natural Belmont of the Strategic Community Plan, a range of environmental objectives have been developed for each of the six key themes identified in the ESS.

Have Your Say!

Those wishing to comment or provide feedback on the Strategy can lodge a written submission during the public comment period, between Friday 1 September to Friday 29 September 2023.

Written submissions can be emailed to belmont@belmont.wa.gov.au or sent to City of Belmont, Locked Bag 379, Cloverdale WA 6985.

For further information please contact the City on (08) 9477 7222.

The public feedback period has now closed.