Environment and Sustainability Strategy

The Environment and Sustainability Strategy (ESS) has been developed to guide the City's approach to environmental management and set clear objectives for continuous performance improvements.

The ESS is an important component of our Environment Management System (AS/NSZ ISO 14001) and long-standing Environment and Sustainability Policy.

The strategy focusses on six key environment and sustainability themes:

In line with the City's Strategic Community Plan 2020-2040, we have committed to caring for and for and encouraging the community to enjoy our natural environment.

To help implement Goal 3: Natural Belmont of the Strategic Community Plan, a range of environmental objectives have been developed for each of the six key themes identified in the ESS.

Public Comment Period Results

The draft ESS was open for public comment and feedback from Friday 1 September 2023 to Friday 29 September 2023.

A total of six responses were received via Belmont Connect and written submissions. The below amendments were made to the draft ESS in response to the feedback received:

Water Resource Management and Protection

  • Objective 3.3.1: Update of terminology to 'Nutrient and Irrigation Management Plan'

Sustainably Built Environments

  • Objective 4.2.2 Terminology update to align with City's Planning Policy.
  • Objective 4.2.3: Additional objective included:

'Through the preparation of the City’s new planning strategies and Local Planning Scheme, investigate an appropriate planning mechanism to achieve sustainable development outcomes.'

Climate Resilient Energy and Transport

  • Objective 5.3: Inclusion of 'operational'

Waste and Resource Recovery

  • P24: Recovery Targets updated to align with State's municipal solid waste targets

Implementation, Review and Monitoring of this Strategy

  • P27 Updated to reflect mid-way review in 2028 (5 year), and major review in 2033 (10 year).