The City of Belmont has created an Engagement Strategy

How we listen to and communicate with our community and stakeholders are key aspects of how we do business at the City of Belmont.

In 2023 the City started work on an Engagement Strategy to review and improve how we engage with our community, customers and stakeholders in the following areas:

  • Consultation - broad two-way communication, feedback and collaborative problem solving.
  • Communication - broad one-way communication to keep people informed of what is happening.
  • Customer Service - one to one communication, how we treat you as a customer.

Draft Strategy

We are pleased to announce that at the September 2023 Ordinary Council Meeting the Engagement Strategy 2023 & beyond was endorsed by the City of Belmont Council setting a plan for how we listen to and communicate with our community, customers and stakeholders.

The draft strategy was developed with the help of community and business members who contributed ideas through a written sticky note idea at one of our events, online gather boards or survey, or in person at a meeting or workshop between February and May 2023.

In May and June 2023 the Engagement Strategy was drafted and includes five key themes and principles and over 20 initiatives to support our community, customer and stakeholder engagement.

In July 2023 we took the draft strategy to Council for review and in August 2023 we sought feedback on the draft Engagement Strategy 2023 & beyond from our community. Feedback on the draft was open between 4 August and 25 August 2023.

The strategy was approved at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 26 September 2023. The strategy can be downloaded from the document library on this page.

The strategy is available on the City of Belmont website.

For further information please contact the City on (08) 9477 7222.

Ideas Gathering

This phase of the project is now closed.

At the early stages of this project we wanted to know what good engagement looks like and feels like for the people we interact with.

People could contribute through one of the boards below. Each fortnight we selected a winning submission that has inspired us.

If you had more to say on the subject of engagement – you could also fill in our survey.

This first stage of the project to help us gather ideas was open until 5pm Friday 21 April.

We collected 656 ideas on what good engagement looked and felt like, also what some of the barriers are to good engagement. The ideas were grouped into our five strategic themes:

  • Be real
  • Accessible and inclusive
  • Build relationships
  • Listen and remember
  • Quality and innovation

The ideas were presented to staff working groups and two community design workshops who developed principles and helped prioritise key initiatives under the strategy.

The themes, principles and initiatives are outlined in the strategy.

What does good engagement look and feel like?



What we heard.