Wilson Park Precinct Plan

A major upgrade for this iconic facility, home to a range of recreational and community-based activities.

The Plan consists of four major design components, each of which will be updated as progress is made.

  • Zone 1

    Netball Courts

  • Zone 2

    Playground + Heart

  • Zone 3

    Community Centre + Gerring

  • Zone 4

    Kooyong Revitalisation

Wilson Park Precinct Master Plan

Wilson Park Precinct Master Plan

  • Zone 1: Netball Courts & Lighting Towers Upgrades

    A set of netball courts to meet current Netball WA standards with better seating and viewing areas, along with a tennis court and basketball court.

In 2020, the City commenced design and project planning for the Netball Court Upgrade Zone 1 of Wilson Park Precinct. Originally identified Zone 2 for progression after the Heart + Playground within the Masterplan, the Netball Court Upgrade received significant external funding to assist with the delivery of capital upgrades and was subsequently re-prioritised for delivery ahead of the Heart + Playground. This zone aims to assist the Belmont Netball Association with re-constructing the courts to meet current playing standards and renew infrastructure. Construction commenced in September 2022 following the completion of the winter season, and as such planning will commence for Zone 2 the Heart + Playground

    The City of Belmont has prepared a Master Plan for Wilson Park which was guided by community consultation undertaken in 2018. The City is now commencing construction on Zone 1 of the Wilson Park Precinct. Zone 1 includes the reconstruction of the netball courts and sports lighting.

    The Wilson Park Netball Facility is approximately 40 years old and has reached the end of its useful life causing potential slip, trip and fall hazards. The facility no longer meets the needs or standards for its primary user, the Belmont Netball Association, nor the wider community’s expectations.

    The City’s contractor, MG Group Pty Ltd will commence on site on 21 September 2022 and the works will include:

    • removal and replacement of the existing pavement and installation of a new acrylic surface;
    • removal of existing lighting towers and installation of new energy efficient LED lighting;
    • multi-purpose court and hit up wall to enable wider community use for other physical activity options;
    • minor landscaping and fencing.

    Please note that during the construction period the netball and tennis courts will be closed to the public. There may also be some disruption to access for park users at intermittent times during the works. If redirection is required, appropriate signage and traffic management will be in place.

    The contractor will seek to minimise the impact to surrounding residents regarding noise, vibration and dust, and works will only occur 7am-5pm Monday- Friday (normally finishing by 5pm).

    Wilson Park Precinct Zone 1 - Netball Courts and Lighting Towers Upgrades.

    Wilson Park Precinct Zone 1 - Netball Courts and Lighting Towers Upgrades.

    • Zone 2: Playground + Heart

      A central spine consisting of pump track, youth play, nature play and a ‘social connecting place’ that connects the Kooyong Road shops with the rest of the Precinct.

    • Zone 3: Community Centre + Gerring

      A field that provides a kickabout, dog walking and community events space as well as overflow parking. This space is also intended to incorporate a community garden, orchard, rain gardens and a green buffer between the road and the field using permeable paving. The garden adjacent to the community centre, will provide a series of themed gardens (indigenous type landscape, six season, bush tucker, etc).

    • Zone 4: Kooyong

      Revitalisation of the Kooyong Road streetscape, along with activating Jupp Lane with murals and events; and transforming the sump into a more useable space for events, as well as improve visual/physical access and introduce more native plantings.